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Food Handling & Processing System
Our food handling and processing system range spares a lot of money of the customers by reducing maintenance as well as manpower expenses. It also enhances the productivity and creates abundance of food material in short run.
Continuous Mixer
As the name suggests, the provided continuous mixer runs ceaselessly to complete any application within a short time frame. The precision of our range makes it a successful machine in various industries.
Sugar Syrup Machine
High-grade, strong and powerful Sugar Syrup Machines are available for automatic manufacturing of sugar syrup. With a durable crusher, clarificant and multistage evaporator, they are sure to provide the best performance.
Oil Handling System
Strong and effective Oil Handling Systems are provided for the management of palm oil, palmoline, etc. They are available in huge designs in durable and anti-abrasive structure for meeting the demands food, chemical and other sectors.
PLC Based System
PLC Based Systems are available in durable, modern and creative designs for enhancing the productivity of the businesses.
Sugar Mill Machinery
Energy efficient, affordable and multistage Sugar Mill Machinery is available to concentrate and produce high-quality sugar. They are available with steam driven secondary concentrator, air cooled condenser and multistage evaporator.
Pre-Creamer Machine
Stainless steel made pre creamer machines are used for production of confectionery items like biscuits, cookies etc. Hygienic processing method, energy efficient mechanism, consistent production technique, low noise generation and eco-friendly mechanism are the key features of this product range.
PLC And SCADA Based Industrial Automation
PLC and SCADA based Industrial Automation systems have crucial role in upgrading production standard of various industrial equipments by promoting their automatic operation. Automation systems are also useful to reduce operating cost and to speed up productivity of various machines. Maintaining utmost precision of various machines is another important aspect of this product range.
Toffee Making Machine
Stainless steel made Toffee Making Machines are reckoned for their hygienic production method, low machine downtime and consistent operation. Sturdy in design, these automatic machines have user friendly operating interface. Prolonged working life, low maintenance cost and high output are the key features of this range of machines.
Chemical Dosing Pump
Frequency drive based Chemical Dosing Pumps are used for transferring specific volume of chemicals into a process stream. Offered range of dosing pumps comprises of load cell mounted FRP pressure tank where chemical is fed and mixer where fed chemicals are stirred to transfer it to the mixer with the help of air pressure.

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